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Rozone PCS200 Biological Partswasher (Excl.btw)


Rozone PCS200 Biological Partswasher

  • Solvent Free Partswasher
  • Non-flammable aqueous degreasing fluid
  • Heated to 41°c
  • Energy-saver mode

The PCS200 parts cleaning unit is used to manually clean oil and grease from parts with a maximum weight of 100kg in an efficient, environmentally sustainable way.

Heated to 41°c microbes break down the oil and grease washed off dirty parts  maintaining the cleaning efficiency of the fluid and reducing hazardous waste disposal.

An innovative control keypad on the PSC200 ensures ease of operation. The

energy-saver mode and timer switch guarantee economical use. Using these features it is possible to save more than 50% on energy usage during non-operational times.


                     Technical Data


Exterior dimensions     WxDxH 890x750x1155mm

Usable area                      WxD 760x560 mm

Working height                             950 mm

Weight-bearing capacity            100 kg

Weight empty                              45 kg

Optimal fill capacity                   80 l

Minimum fill capacity                 40 l

Power consumption                   660 W

Continuous-flow heater             600 W

Operating temperature             41° C

Pump Approx.                              4 l/ min.

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